Rumours about gift-giving have circulated for many years. Jared Leto It was given to Suicide SquadCast. 

All of it began when Viola Davis told Vanity Fair that Leto gave his co-stars “some really horrific gifts.” She spoke casually about the incident, describing how he sent a dead hog to the table read and gifted Margot Robbie a black rat with a mix of awe and fear. 

Somehow, Davis’ remarks about the incident were twisted as if it was a game of telephone, and before long, people were whispering that he gave the Wolf of Wall Street actress a dead rat.

To be fair, the Dallas Buyers Club actor let people believe he really did send those presents. At the Suicide Squad premiere, heSubmitted CelebHomes News that he sent “used condoms” and “anal beads” to his co-stars as a gag gift.

His statement at that time was “I did lots of things to create dynamic, to create surprise, of spontaneity and to really knock down any kind walls that might be there.” The Joker doesn’t respect boundaries or personal space.