Amy Schumer Reacts After Man Meets Her “Screaming” 2-Year-Old Son Gene

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Celebs—they’re just like us!

Amy SchumerWhile she may be an actress and comedienne, when it all comes down to the matter, she’s just another mom. Case in point: Amy recently had to chase after her two-year-old son, Gene FischerThe man seemed to be keen to see New York City.

Little Gene was captured by Carlton J. SmithThe actor shared the story on Instagram, saying that he had met the actress at 40 years old and their son when he was out running some errands.

As he walked down the block, lugging a shopping basket full of records… A little boy running up to me with arms extended ran toward me. So I was ready to give up because I would knock out a toddler over my vinyl (joke), but his mom comes running towards me and laughs. Then I also laughed.

Amy was Amy’s mother, which Carlton called “incredibly sweet” and “grateful.”