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It was only months after it happened. Selling SunsetStar, 40 split from boss Jason Oppenheim, she revealed during the show’s reunion, aired on May 6, that she is now in a relationship with non-binary Australian singer G Flip.

Chrishell said that she had been spending lots of time recently with someone who is very important to her. Tan France. “Their nickname is G Flip. Non-binary so they call themselves G Flip. They are a very talented musician.”

Chrishell said that she first met G Flip when she was starring in their music video. In a clip from the project, Chrishell is seen sharing a kiss with the “GAY 4 ME” singer. 

Chrishell explained that it started as a way for me to appear in the video. And it’s about this crazy love story. My roots are soaps and acting is what I enjoy. It’s a job I have that isn’t easy. At first, of course I was like yes, let’s do that.”