Now it’s your turn to put together!

Not the Avengers—but the Kardashian-Jenner family for Psalm WestBirthday party for. 

The youngest of the children is Kim KardashianAnd Kanye WestThe reality star didn’t turn three until May 9th, so she kicked off celebrations by hosting a Hulk themed bash on May 7th. And from the décor to the tasty treats, the event was filled with Amazing details. 

A giant Hulk Hands wall and green balloon archway welcomed guests. As they made their way through, they found even more super touches, including a mirror that appeared to have been cracked by the Marvel character himself. Even a statue of Bruce Banner, the alter ego, was found. 

There were also churros, chocolate Hulk Hands stuffed with candy and Hulk Hands containing chocolate. A source told CelebHomes News attendees also enjoyed a Hulk-themed cake from Hansen’s Cake.

In addition, there were tons of fun-filled activities for the young partygoers to enjoy, including a slime-making station.