Selena GomezFeels confident and happy in her skin  

The Nur Murders can be found in a Building star, 30, took a moment while on vacation to share her thoughts on the importance of body positivity in an Aug. 3 TikTok. Selena, dressed in a bathing suit made of periwinkle and enjoying the great outdoors while lip-syncing to TikTok’s viral audio can be seen in this clip. 

The sound that Selena used starts with one woman telling another to “suck it in,” a reference to making their stomach appear smaller in order to appear slimmer. 

After hearing the suggestion, Selena then looks into the camera and mimes along to the second woman’s response, declaring, “I’m not sucking s—t in. Real stomachs is coming the f—k back. Okay?” 

You can watch the TikTok, which Selena captioned “vaca self,” here. 

It seems like more than just a handful of her fans support the idea.