It is not coupledIt was a unique project Tisha CampbellMany reasons. One of them being the inclusion of LGBTQ+ people.

“I hope you enjoy it.” It is not coupledHas a tiny bit of the effect Queer As FolkOder PoseCelebHomes News exclusively revealed that she had. Daily PopAugust 4, I’m so thrilled about this show. It is an amazing show.”

The Netflix series—which premiered July 29—follows Neil Patrick HarrisMichael is a man that begins a new adventure for love following the death of his partner. As Michael’s friend Suzanne, MartinAlum says that she was also drawn to the series’ relatability.

The 53-year old shared that even though the show was about a man who split up with his 17-year-old boyfriend, everyone can relate.” He has a friend like me.

The series hits on a deeper level for Campbell, as she recently went through an “uncoupling” of her own, having finalized her divorce from her ex-husband Duane Martin2020