Stormi Webster It is no problem to keep up with nature.

Kylie JennerStormi showed her bravery while taking care of iguanas in her Instagram Story on vacation. Travis ScottOn May 5,

The clip shows Kylie giving the reptiles food before Stormi (4 years old) asking if she would like to.

After the reptile fled, Kylie exclaimed “Oh my goodness!” Stormi: Would you try to give one to you?

Stormi responded, “Yeah!”

Stormi tried it while Travis held her. In the cute footage, Kylie (and Stormi) then give it a try while being held by Travis.

What do you wear when serving lizards lunch? Kylie was dressed in a mini-dress with white sunglasses, a haircut and green hair, while Stormi wore a black swimsuit and gold earrings.

Although it is not clear where they are vacationing, it seems obvious that they enjoy the beautiful tropical scenery. Kylie also posted a May 5th photo of Travis and Kylie kissing on the beach before sunset on her Instagram account.