It is over. Chris SullivanThe journey begins This Is UsIt’s only the beginning of his next chapter as a father. 

Chris and his wife were married after the final season of filming for the NBC drama. Rachel Sullivan shared that they have a little one on the way.

“We have wrapped my final scenes for #thisisus,” he wrote on Instagram on May 5. These six years have been amazing.

Chris, 41 years old, said, “With each end there is a beginning…so let’s see a trailer about what’s coming.”

Chris and Rachel show their 21-month-old son, in video BearThe two of them are seen together in the backyard playing with their dogs. Bear is seen walking across the yard to his father, who holds the camera and gives him a sonogram. The toddler’s shirt has the phrase “only child” crossed out with the words “big brother” added below. 

They announced their pregnancy in 2010 after they got married.