All that it would take for you to guess which female celebrity will be discussed shortly is simply thinking about “Buffy.” New York’s own, Sarah Michelle Gellar, has been quite a busy gal ever since the successful demonic hunter show. She’s been involved with various shows, movies, got married to Freddie Prinze Jr.,, had a kid, and now bought a ginormous 6 bed and 5 bath house for $6.1 million. I guess that the new show she’s in, “The Crazy Ones,” has been treating her well. As for Freddie…….well………Sarah’s voice will also be heard in the upcoming animated film, “Freedom Force,” alongside Christopher Lloyd. Cool! And that’s not a sarcastic “cool.”

The 7,318 sq ft mansion stands tall, wide, and proud. The mail man and UPS drivers will surely stand in awe of the gated mansion-like estate, despite the two trees blocking a part of the house. The main hall area dons colonial-style architecture. The front rooms of the house open up beautifully to the front lawn, as well as the back opening up to the backyard in the same fashion. The backyard has a pool, hot tub, and enough room for children to play with and adults to whip up burgers and hot dogs. The house offers balcony views of the front lawn and rear. And fireplaces, stainless steel appliances, personal gym? I can foresee Sarah, Prinze, and co. living here for awhile.

Address: Unknown