If you’re into B movies, or movies that are just plain horrible, then you’ve most likely heard of the name of this New-York-born actress. She’s been in better films, one of which has Beau Bridges and True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten. She was also in The Sixth Sense as a little padawan learner. This actress is probably best known for her role in the fairly popular post-millennium TV show, “The O.C.” The show enabled Mischa Barton to purchase a whopping 10,357 sq ft 8 bed and 10 bath mansion. She attempted to list it twice. Not a single bite. Barton put it back on the market a couple of weeks ago. Third times the charm, I guess.

Mischa’s tall and mossy private estate was built in 2003 and sits astonishingly on 1.22 acres. It offers lush balcony views of surrounding terrain and distant vast landscapes. The home’s like a big friendly giant; it’s massive but homey. Most rooms vary in color, so boredom is to be prevented here. You have fireplaces to keep you warm and a personal pool to keep you cool. The pool area can accommodate a dozen of seating arrangements. The nearby small grassy area can hold a BBQ or small picnic. If you have the money and size is what you’re looking for, then Mischa’s apparently got it.

Address: 2670 Bowmont Dr, Beverly Hills CA 90210