When you’re tall, have glistening long blonde hair, and played one of Marvel’s well-known characters on the big screen, you have the privilege of meeting Dundee himself and purchasing his house for less than the listed price. Fellow Aussie Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa reportedly paid $4.8 mill for Paul Hogan’s now former Malibu sanctuary. It’s also reported that him, the wifey, and their child went house shopping. It’s quite difficult to imagine Chris having time to do this, knowing that he’s currently working on the highly anticipated Avengers sequel and a film about being held captive on a boat by a whale in the 19th century.

The house of Dundee was built in 1992. The entire house (and detached massive guest house) was renovated by Hogan and wife. Measuring 6,382 sq ft and containing 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, it’s an estate of extreme elegance that offers views of vast landscapes from the balcony. Windows on both floors of the house open to such views as well. Flights of stairs are in odd places, yet express a sense of art and distinguishable design. Although the premises doesn’t have a pool, it has a game room, fireplaces, office, and a TV in almost every room. The kitchen also comes furnished with an island table that has a built-in microwave and wine cabinet. Overall, Hogan’s former private retreat looks like a home that’s fit for the god of thunder.

Address: 7022 Grasswood Ave, Malibu CA 90265