This TV show star laid down $1.7 million for a 3,400 sq ft home back in April of 2013. You may’ve seen him in small movie roles and other TV shows. If you remember Remember the Titans (saw what was done there), then you may recognize this celebrity for being one of the captains of the centralized football team. Sons of Anarchy, anyone? Ryan Hurst, aka “Opie,” is the culprit who now owns the 2005-built Woodland Hills home, along with his wife Molly Cookson. Hurst has moved on from his former biker buds to a new show titled “King & Maxwell.” He’s also going to be in an upcoming film that focuses on the perspective of the punk rock scene in New York City and a nightclub called “CBGB,” which also happens to be the name of the movie. Stars such as Justin Bartha (Hangover films and National Treasure 1 and 2), Professor Snape, and Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) will be in the film as well.

Hurst mansion is coincidentally not too far from one of the Sons of Anarchy sets and his production company, Fast Shoes, which wife Molly Cookson also owns. Hurst and Cookson residence is, right-off-the-bat, a hidden gem of Los Angeles. The entire estate is well-camouflaged with a fair amount of vegetation attached to the house all over. Trees and bushes also outline the premises, but not to the point where viewing through windows isn’t obstructed. Anarchy headquarters is a 5 bedroom and 4 bathroom. Tony Shalhoub, aka “Adrian Monk,” would dare to visit Ryan and his wife (amount of available bathrooms don’t match the amount of bedrooms). One would be heavily surprised if those three actually knew each other………

Whoever steps foot into the home would automatically think that they’ve literally gone to heaven, with the interior being illuminated with bright white-painted ceilings and walls. Flooring throughout the house is consistently dark hard wood. It beautifully reflects light. Kitchen is already equipped with a basic double oven and an island-style table. What distinguishes this table from other island kitchen tables is this one has a space designed for a microwave, which is included in the price of the casa. All rooms are linked with an elegant arch-shaped entrance. One of the bathrooms interestingly has a fireplace by the bath tub. I’ve never seen or heard of that. Have you?

One living room leads to a convenient outside seating area via white double doors, while another room serves as the main entrance to the patio. Upon entering, you’ll witness a large oval-shaped pool which immediately influences you to jump in with your clothes on. As you roam around the pool aria, you’ll come across a lounge area. You can alternatiely reach this nook of the house by entering through adjacent double doors. The lounge area is furnished with a stylized couch, along with a fireplace which is hugging it. Congratulations, Ryan and Molly. Now, throw a bash for your former co-stars. Don’t forget to invite us!

Home Address: Located south of Ventura Boulevard