Some may be surprised by this cinematic old-timer not living it up as prestigiously as a majority of celebrities. Some may think that Bob Hoskins……….you know…….Bob Hoskins, the actor who was lead in Who Framed Roger Rabbit and played as Smee in Hook. Anyway, some may think that Bob Hoskins looks like the veteran actor when he was 50 years old. The now 83 year old has collectively won 5 Golden Globes and is still going strong with various upcoming movie projects. Edward Asner is his name, and he has just put his Studio City home on the market for an aggressive $1.5 million. Him and his ex-wife, Cindy Gilmore (not affiliated with the Gilmore Girls) purchased the home for $540,000 before they split in 2007.

Perhaps it’s beneficial to not appear as though you’re triumphant and are “banking.” However, privacy is a vital necessity for every celebrity. Asner’s home is gated in pretty white. He takes “privacy” to the next level by having the house camouflaged fairly well with bushes and trees. Even the Swamp Thing may find it difficult to detect the house! Alright, maybe it’s not that bad. Nonetheless, one can easily tell that Mr. Asner values security. On opposite sides of the eye-catching white gate are single lights of considerable size. The entire front portion of the premises is fenced.

Asner built this very home with his bare hands in 1954. Just kidding, but would’ve been cool if he actually did………….right? Seriously though, the home was built in 1954 and weighs in at 2,783 sq ft., 3 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms. The lot measures 8,276 sq ft. Although the estate is relatively small, it makes up for parking; 6-car off-street parking, 2-car garage, and 1 extra parking garage spot. Alongside the house is a nice play area and medium-sized trees hugging the house. Behind the house is a patio and………..more vegetation. You’d also find a pool and hot tub. The living room, master bedroom, and family room are furnished with double french doors which lead to the patio.

The family room comes equipped with an interesting-looking fireplace. Flooring of this part of the estate adds a bit of a colonial touch. The kitchen has a fair amount of navigable space. However, the wallpaper may change one’s perspective of the overall feel of the kitchen. Tear it down, and you’re golden! Nonetheless, the design of the kitchen compliments that of the rest of the house. Flooring seems to be hard wood. One of the other things which Asner’s home should be noted for is the size of the master bedroom. It has enough room for a ginormous bed and a full-fledged couch! Despite the pushy price of $1.5 million, Asner residence is a neat hidden little gem of Studio City, CA. The next owner(s) can choose to cut down some of them trees to expand, if they wish.

Home Address: 3556 Mound View Ave, Studio City, CA 91604 (Los Angeles – California)