While paying tribute to Rivera—who died in a drowning accident in 2020—Dorsey remembered the places they used to go, thinking of the restaurants where they used to eat, the street where he lived when they met and the store where he used to buy her flowers.  

He shared that he missed his exit because he felt like a person who didn’t blink 10 minutes, as my mind wandered with many flashes. The more I think about it, the harder it is to believe. Un-fu*king-believable, still that this is reality. That this is our real life and I have to blink hard & shake my head as if to snap out of it & grasp the facts of it all once and for all. LA is like any mile I drive, it’s an experience. And that hurts.

His mind then went to Forest Lawn Drive, the street that enters the memorial park where Rivera was laid to rest. While Dorsey noted it will always “bring the memory of two summers ago,” he also wrote that the “memories prior to that I have to be grateful for & our son.”

“So I have my time & my talk & shed my tears,” he wrote. Talk about how the stupid s–t sets us apart. Thinking about regrets & how life could be, but how it is. Then I have to go on with my day and…that’s all we can do is go on, go on while we can.”