Relationship? Relationship? Dua Lipa would rather be alone.

Her 2021 divorce from her boyfriend Anwar HadidThe “Levitating” singer is now focusing her attention on herself. As Vogue notes in Dua’s June/July cover story, the Grammy winner is “single and content.” Dua stated that the next chapter of her life was about “truly being happy with being alone.”

The 26 year-old artist, who is part of the Service95 concierge, went on a single dinner out earlier in the year. It was a headline-grabbing moment.

She said that some people online were saying, “Oh, Dua went to dinner alone, blah-blah. I do this all of the time.” Vogue. You can do this all day. That confidence must come from within. It was an enormous step. I was nervous—like, what am I gonna do? It’s not something I want to do.”