Young Thug is in new legal trouble

CelebHomes News has obtained court records that show the 30-year old was born in New York. Jeffery Lamar WilliamsThis rapper was taken into custody in Georgia, May 9th. He is facing two charges, including conspiracy against to violate RICO. [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations]Participation in criminal street-gang activity and the act of committing an offense.
According to paperwork from Fulton Superior Court, Williams was one of 28 individuals named in the 56-count indictment. According to Fulton Superior Court paperwork, the charges center around a group known as YSL (also called “Young Slime Life”) which prosecutors claim is a street gang that was formed in Atlanta in 2012.

The indictment claims that Williams was one of the three founders of YSL. Indictment also claims that the group has links to Bloods, a well-known national gang.

Williams’ lawyer, Brian SteelCelebHomes News received a response from, addressing the allegations in a shared statement. Steel claimed that Williams did not commit any violation of the law. Steel stated that they would fight this case legally and ethically. “Mr. Williams will be released.”