If you need a little more convincing before you get this wine opener, check out some of these enthusiastic reviews from the 24,900+ Amazon shoppers who left 5-star reviews.

Secura Electric Wine Opener Reviews

A user stated, “This electric corkscrew is simple to use but it’s a blessing for people with arthritis.” The unit has worked flawlessly for me over a period of a year. It has shown no indications of aging so far.

A second person stated, “I purchased this for my mom and step-mom on mother’s day. It is loved by both of them. My mother suffers from arthritis and loves wine. This device saves my mom’s hands and keeps her from twisting the cork opener. This product can open a wine bottle in less than four seconds. It’s super easy to use, and you won’t have to worry about slipping a knife around the edges. Place the foil on top, then grab it together and twist one way. This product is great.

Amazon customer said that the wine opener was easy to use, reliable and simple. This is by far the most reliable wine opener that I’ve ever used. As long as it’s plugged into the wall, it will stay lit. It also serves as an excellent kitchen light. This opener has never been able to push a cork in the bottle as my other opener. The foil cutter on its right side also cuts through foil wrapped bottles every time. “I’ve been thinking of gifting this to my brother.

Customer raves, “I found the opener to be very useful. It has the most useful foil cutter I’ve ever seen. The corkscrew that goes through the transparent bottom makes it clear it is being put into the bottle. This item was very easy to use and I highly recommend it. The blue light that shines through the item indicates it’s ready to use. It looks great on my counter. You can wrap it in an attractive, sturdy box to give as a gift.

Someone else gushed, “I LOVE THiS OPENER! It is so easy! There is no need to take any foil or wrapper off. It is easy to place it on top the wine bottle. This is amazing! It is amazing! I own one and gave it to my girlfriend as a gift for her birthday. Her husband would be mad that it is so simple to open wine now, she joked. Avoid delay. Get this product !!!” now!

One person shared a more vivid description, “We don’t consume a lot wine. When we do drink, we either get mad at the traditional corkscrew and break the cork or cause me to destroy what little is left. It’s a lot of work, and I end up drinking the whole bottle, but I then gag when I nearly choke on some cork. These problems will not happen if this invention is used. It was a great idea. We were at our friend’s house, and we loved buying tech stuff so it made sense. It was the first time I used it yesterday. Although I dropped an occasional f-bomb last time, this was a huge triumph of positivity and one that I am proud to share with the world. The mechanism worked perfectly and it can even be used in reverse. The charger also has an amazing blue light that makes it look cool. It is a product I would recommend wholeheartedly.”