You are now ready to become intimate with your Islanders.

CelebHomes News has exclusive access to the interviews of the Peacock cast. Love Island USA. The preview features all 10 stars—five bombshell ladies and five hunky men—getting real and raw about their dating history, what they’re looking for in the villa and so much more.

Andy Voyen23-year-old reveals, “I’m super confident when I come into.” Love IslandThat I will find the right person for me. “But I’m usually a heartbreaker, and I don’t want to make any more hearts.”

Zeta Morrison29-year-old Veronica claims that she does not have a type and even shares a story about a celebrity relationship. “I’ve dated so many different kinds of men,” she says. “I have literally dated an famous person. It was wonderful, but then it didn’t.

Speedo-loving Felipe Gomes32-year-old Veronica is seeking more than just hookups for this season. Brazil is my country. He says that although I worked with many beautiful girls, it was necessary to maintain professionalism on the set. I’m looking forward to meeting girls at the villa, and maybe even falling in love.