Ford charmed as a mergers and acquisitions associate who falls for Melanie Griffith‘s secretary-posing-as-an-executive in Mike Nichols‘ 1988 romantic dramedy—which was nominated for six Oscars, including Best Picture.

Ford said, “Great Fun,” Vanity FairWe remember Nichols who passed away in 2014 as “smart man”.

After a run of action movies and thrillers, the actor said he was looking for “something different, something challenging…It was a very interesting time.”

Shooting Working Girl was “more like a party than a movie,” he told THR. “I loved shooting in New York City, particularly with Mike. We never missed a good lunch!”

But, some people may find too many parties. Griffith said this in an interview with the 2019 book. It’s not all about lifeThe following is a compilation of Nichols-related memories. that the production temporarily shut down after the director found out she was having drugs delivered to the set.

She recalled that Mike became so angry at her, he refused to talk to me. “I knew that I was in such trouble. Next morning [Nichols]He took me to breakfast, and said that this is what was going to happen. Last night’s expenses will be paid out of your own pocket. While we are not going to report your to the studio’, you must pay what it cost. The price was $80,000. They were trying to grab my attention, and I was very interested. Although it was embarrassing and humiliating, I took a lot away from the experience.