We are looking forward to new beginnings.

Brandon Thomas LeeHis brother Dylan LeeAfter a buyer snatched the property, they are selling their Malibu home. 

CelebHomes News is able to confirm that the property was purchased for $3million and closed on March 9th. 

A 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom home with a renovated interior will be available for the next owner. It is located just a short walk from Las Flores Beach. Plus, with no homes on either side and a fully landscaped backyard, the owner will be able to entertain—and tan—with plenty of privacy.

Some fans may recognize the property from MTV’s The Hills: A New Beginning. During the show, cameras would roll at Brandon’s house as the cast member navigated his career and love life. 

The reality series has been put off, however Brandon is still focused on his Swingers Club fashion capsule collection. Dylan continues his modelling and acting career.