Billy JoelIn the film’s upcoming movie, biopic treatment will be given to’s personal life. Piano ManHowever, there is one caveat. The film makers can’t use any of the music or likenesses of the singer. 

This was on March 10. Variety reported that Adam Ripp is set to direct a movie about the beloved singer and his two-year partnership with music manager Irwin Mazur. The outlet claims that the Jaigantic Studios movie will focus on Joel’s brief time in the band. It’s all about the HasslesIt was his 1972 performance of “Captain Jack”, that earned him a contract with Clive DavisColumbia Records.

Ripp released the following statement: “Billy Joel is an integral part of my family since when my father signed me to his record company at age 4. His music is in my blood and I have always wanted to tell the story about how Billy Joel came to be the Piano Man.”

However, the film makers are facing an immediate problem as Joel refuses to rehash history. CelebHomes News was informed by Joel’s representatives that Billy Joel wasn’t involved in the film. None of the rights to music, name/likeness and life stories will be granted.”