She’s the first woman in history to have her own talk show, maintained a top ranking in the Forbes list two consecutive times (and probably continues to do so), and is ever so charitable. Who else than Oprah Winfrey. She’s still going strong on your TV, with “Oprah’s Lifeclass” Oprah can actually be seen on the big screen as well, with Lee Daniels’ The Butler, which received great feedback. She’s currently applying her production magic in The Hundred-Foot Journey, starring the highly decorated Helen Mirren. We can go on and on about Oprah, so lets just cut it to the fact that her Water Tower condo in Chicago is up for grabs.

Knowing how Oprah’s a well-known walking ATM machine, one can imagine what her 4 bed and 6 bath apartment’s like. For starters, the quadruplex comes with 3 personal parking spaces. Other amenities that are included in the price tag of $7.750 million will surely pamper those who can afford it. We’re talkin’ valet service, room service, 24-hour concierge, two kitchens, spas, workout centers…….the works, basically. The home on the 56th floor also boasts full skycraper views of the city area and rooftop patio seating. Oprah could’ve easily sold this luxurious 9,625 sq ft floor plan if she wanted to.

Address: 180 E Pearson #5603, Chicago IL 60611