Now that the long-running Showtime series hit, “Dexter,” has come to an end, what’s there left to do for Michael C. Hall. The one-time Golden Globe winner can be seen in Kill Your Darlings with Harry Potter, which was released in October 2013. He’ll be performing as a lead in the upcoming crime/drama film, I Fought The Law. Actors/actresses such as Giovanni Ribisi, Melissa Leo, and Malin Akerman. But this is all about Dexter. To compound with Hall’s latest on-screen project, his 5 bed and 6 bath Hollywood Hills estate reeled in $2.1 million just recently. That makes for a $150,000 profit from when he bought the 0.32 acre property.

The two-story house is out in the open on Mound St. It dons spanish-style architecture and flowy indoor to outdoor lounging. This is just the beginning of what the 4,572 sq ft home has to offer. One of the rooms serves as a library room, while another caters to painters and artists alike. As for the second floor, it accommodates lengthy and roomy balcony seating. These second-floor patios overlook different angles of the surrounding area. Other parts of the package consists of fireplaces, personal garage, dishwasher, oven, and refridgerator.

Address: 2092 Mound St, Los Angeles CA 90068