Hashtag photographyruins. This even applies to Annie Leibovitz, who made quite a name for herself both positively and negatively. She had an exhibit dedicated to her in the world’s first portrait gallery, another one in Brooklyn Museum, and has worked with Rolling Stones magazine (as well as the band). Annie’s also worked with John Lennon and even twerked with Miley Cyrus. She really did work with the originator of the social media dance. This is when Miley was still seen on Disney. Now for the bad. Leibovitz owes a whooooole lotta moula.

Luckily for our acclaimed photographer, her monstrous townhouse in West Village reportedly netted $28.5 million. That should take care of most of her financial woes. The conjoined three-story brick-home measures 10,200 sq ft. and dons a 7 bed and 5.5 bath floor plan. There’s even a separate guest house on-site. Annie somehow managed to renovate the property prior to selling. The new owner(s) have much at their disposal, let alone the luxury of having a wide selection of shops, stores, restaurants, and subway/bus stations within their foot’s reach.

To name some accompanying goodies: about a dozen fireplaces, office, library room, game room, spa, storage room, and centralized air conditioning.

Address: 755 Greenwich St, New York NY 10014