“[The protest]He said that it was due to the 124-years of hearing paternalism at college which was completely attended by deaf people.” This is a very telling tale about who we are and what we have come from. Much of this protest led to passage of the ADA. [American with Disabilities Act]This protects us, in projects such as the ones we are currently making.”

DiMarco is fourth in his family to have been born deaf. He began to view himself differently from other people when he entered public school at the age of five. But that didn’t mess with his self-confidence

“I have always loved my identity. “And I have always looked at hearing people as foreigners,” said he. I always encourage people to see us in the same light. It’s just that we have a completely different culture. It’s really interesting how hearing people and deaf people are so different, but I don’t know if I ever really had a moment where I thought, ‘I love myself as a deaf person today on.’ It is from my birth.