They fell in love with the guys at the rock show—and now Megan FoxThe curtain is being pulled back.

This actress shared her experiences with the media. Kelly, Machine GunMeet up with them Kourtney Kardashian Travis Barker.

An interview withGlam published April 26, Megan described Kourtney and Travis’ connection as “magnetic.”

Because they are stuck together, nobody really interacts with them. “They’re just stuck together,” Megan stated while mimicking a magnetic force using her hands.

What’s the plan for the twins Megan and MGK, when they hit the streets with their magnetic duo?

Megan said, “We have been to Vegas with them several times. Events and such like.” We’re not taking road trips or picnics.

Megan stated that the family’s large size means their time spent hanging out is minimal.

Megan explained that Megan doesn’t like double dates. Megan said, “It’s almost 900 children between us!”