Building your home is a rewarding experience. Being able to afford one is like reaping the fruits of the hard work you’ve put into saving money and working for longer hours. But aside from working with building consultants Adelaide or other areas, do you have any idea what you want your home to look like? Are you aware of the modern design ideas and trends to incorporate when building your home? This article can help. 

Having the responsibility of designing your home can be nerve-wracking. You might be clueless about where to start or what factors to consider. To make things easier for you, here are some modern design ideas and trends you might like to try out:

1.     Open Spaces

When it comes to modern design ideas and trends, less is always more. Putting a lot of items in one room can make the space feel disorganized. For some, this kind of space can even heighten levels of stress and discomfort. 

For your home to create a cozy ambiance, make sure to have open spaces. Only place essential furniture in a specific area of your house—seating arrangements in the living area, and tables and chairs in the dining room. Opens spaces can make your home feel and look airy while encouraging movement.

2.     Smart Storage

One of the easiest ways to have a minimalist home is by incorporating smart storage. Depending on your available space, you’ll have several storage ideas to choose from, such as:

  • Start by installing floating shelves on your walls. You can do this in your living area and bedroom. This can be used as a storage area for your books, or your kids’ plush toys. 
  • You can also utilize your ceiling as overhead storage. This is a cheap storage hack that you can do in your attic or garage. 
  • You can also invest in clear container boxes and place them underneath your bed. Just make sure that all of these are labelled properly so you can find items the moment you need them. 

No matter what storage idea you decide to use for your house, remember that consistency is key. You’ll never achieve a minimalist home if you’re not using your home’s storage for the long term.

3.     Natural Materials

More and more people are now choosing to have an eco-friendly home. And because of the number of benefits it can provide to both the environment and homeowners, it’s easy to see why. If you want to preserve the environment without compromising the functionality of your home, scout for natural materials and choose to use these. Because its production doesn’t require chemicals, timber beams, barn wood, and exposed brick are some of the most common materials that you can use in building an eco-friendly home. Using these materials can add texture to your home while making the space feel more “homey.” If you’re looking forward to enjoying a rustic-themed home, consider using grained and distressed wood in your flooring. These materials are recycled, which means that no new trees were cut for their manufacture and production. 

4.     Outdoor Spaces

Gone are the days when living areas are only situated inside the house. Today, homeowners are now making the most out of their properties by utilizing the outdoors as an extension of their living areas. If you have enough space in your lawn or backyard, you can certainly hop into this trend. 

Depending on your preference, you can opt to furnish your outdoor spaces with seating or dining furniture. For a more relaxing ambiance, consider investing in a hammock and a grilling station. With these pieces, your entire family can have a perfect spot for weekend BBQs. If your budget allows it, you can even turn your outdoor space into a spa—complete with a Jacuzzi or pool. 

5.     Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is unique because aside from making any space in your home well-lit, it can also add a pop of color. With the number of styles and designs to choose from such as sputnik pendants, faceted-glass lanterns, murano chandeliers, and iconic tri-arm fixtures, it’ll be easy to use statement lighting, which can draw attention and become the focal point of your rooms. Using statement lighting is a full-proof way of adding elegance to any room of your house while improving its functionality. 

When choosing which statement lighting to use, consider the purpose of the room and set up a budget for it. Having a well-lit room that breaks the bank isn’t really worth it. 

Don’t Work Alone

Before deciding what your home should look like, it’s best if you ask for advice from professionals. Falling in love with a house design that isn’t feasible in your area or available floor space can be heartbreaking. Talk with building consultants so you can properly manage your expectations.