While a large majority of people have Google Home, Ring or Alexa installed in their homes these days, the houses of the celebrities take the cool quotient to an altogether new high!

From the self-watering gardens, on-demand secure online games to automated butler robots, here are 6 cool celeb smart homes you should definitely know about!

Mark Zuckerberg

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the popular Facebook founder resides in a house that is controlled using Jarvis, a robotic butler installed in the social media baron’s Silicon Valley home. Jarvis operates through text and voice commands, using a uniquely-created app, and is capable of controlling almost every single aspect of his house. You can use Jarvis to control temperature, doors, lights and many other things. In fact, in a Facebook video released some time ago, Zuckerberg showed everyone how his Robo was preparing his breakfast even before he stepped into the kitchen!

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey’s mansion speaks volumes about her billionaire lifestyle. But if you look closely, the house is far more impressive than it appears on the surface, as it is a true smart house right from when you enter its driveway. It has sensors to alert Oprah whenever someone arrives and gets heated to prevent any ice and snow formation. Her entire house is wired in a manner that it can take care of itself, starting from the garden which can help itself with water whenever the lady is away.

Bill Gates

Just like a great number of other things, Bill Gates was the pioneer in home automation as well. His Xanadu mansion situated in Medina, Washington state features a large swimming pool equipped with an underwater music system. You will find touchpads in every room of his house to control the music, temperature and lighting. Every visitor to the house is given a wearable device that connects him/her to every smart device present in the home.

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Sofia Vergara

Even though the actress asserts time and again that she is not the techiest individual amongst all her celebrity friends, when you visit house you will get an altogether different impression. Rather than taking care of things herself, or hiring some help, Sofia has expressed that she rather prefers a cute butler robot who can get around her Colombian accent and get things done for her!


Although he’s a professional musician, Will.i.am also comes across as a big smart technology enthusiast. He confirmed this by purchasing Wink, the Smart Home platform recently. Will also has a history of launching some of the most innovative tech products, for instance, gigantic Buttons earbuds as well as a $ 300 iPhone case. The home he resides in clearly shows his quest for automation in every aspect of his life.

Flo Rida

The American rapper, singer and songwriter spent more than $ 1 million on the smart home technology that runs his mansion in Miami. He bought the estate from his producer. It has Control4 Tablet PCs in every room, enabling the occupants to control the music, lightning, Windows and air conditioning levels with a few finger taps!