Choosing your bedroom decoration can be one of the coolest experiences of decorating an entire house, especially if you’re going for a natural look. The beauty of wooden logs and the natural, rustic feel can turn the bedroom into the perfect sanctuary. Here are a few creative, rustic ideas for your bedroom: 

Aspen and Barnwood bed

One of the most interesting furniture pieces that aids in creating a rustic look, is having a bed made entirely out of logs. If you’re looking to make your bedroom stand out, the natural feel of the wooden logs made out of aspen and Barnwood will definitely do the trick. Making your room distinctive is quite easy according to Log Furniture Place, as the subtle differences found in naturally shaped woods guarantee that no two log beds, chest of drawers or dressers are identical. While your wooden bed will definitely be the center of attention, adding rustic accessories will complement the entire theme. 

Red-Brick wall décor

One of the easiest ways to get that rustic vibe is by keeping the walls showing their natural, urban look. That means using red bricks to accentuate the room and add warmth to it due to the brown and red colours used. If you’re not too keen on using actual bricks, or you’ve already got a wall in place, there are red-brick wallpapers or tiles that look just like red-bricks that you can decorate your walls with instead. 

Wooden accessories 

There’s nothing that speaks as strongly as a neutral room with strong, wooden accessories. There are many lamps and lighting fixtures that are made from wood and logs that don’t just look natural but add such a warm, unique vibe to the room. You can even add a sliding wooden door to your closet with a fine-grained veneer speaking out. 


Chopped-Wooden headboard 

You don’t have to have an entire room made out of the same material, to give you a certain vibe. Having one furniture piece or even just a part of it can be enough to make it stand out. This is true especially for headboards when made out of numerous chopped, circular, wooden pieces making you instantly connect with nature. When matched with mono-toned furniture, this headboard will make you feel like you’re sleeping in the woods, with a whole lot more comfort and privacy. 

Block wood night-stand 

There’s something so utterly beautiful about natural pieces of flat wood. They come in the most absurd shapes and sizes and blend in with the environment. Having a nightstand’s top surface made out of a random piece of block wood and attached to 4 wooden logs acting as legs will be a great addition to any room giving it a subtle, rustic vibe. 

Being around natural materials can have a positive effect on the whole atmosphere. The vibe itself is more chilled, laid back and carefree as you feel deeply connected to nature. Depending on your taste and the look you’re going for, these tips can help you transform your room into a rustic-piece of beauty.