Jennifer called Joe then a “little bitch” girl and stated that she had only called him “crooked”, because Melissa attacked Melissa. It was revenge! Jennifer shouted.

Melissa raised her head from the chair and replied “That’s gross.” Jen reached out to Melissa and grabbed her arm. The two of them had a short shoving match, before they were pulled apart by crew and friends.

Melissa said, “Don’t ever place your f–-king hands upon me,” Jennifer responded by saying, “You started right with me. Because I f–-king finish, you’re all f–-king salty. I get it.”

Jen kicked Melissa out of Melissa’s house as Jen was doing. RHONJ co-stars seemed to pick sides. Jackie said that “I’m done” with Jennifer, and added, “I just think that your a-hole.”

While Teresa was with her husbands, Melissa, Jackie, and Margaret went to their respective homes. Dolores CataniaJen was comforted throughout the stay.