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It has been almost three years without Coachella and Stagecoach, the main events of festival season, and we are Get readyWe are hoping it returns this year. Festivals are all about the music, the friendships and the great food. PrepareFestivals are about getting ready for your weekend. 

We expect outfits to be more casual this year. As attendees are more likely to be able to enjoy the event and not worry about what they look like, simplicity and comfort will reign supreme. But comfort in no way means basic. You can think effortless, cool-girl energy. Expect to see lots more 90s-inspired and Y2K style, such as baggy jeans and retro sneakers. We also expect corset tops with added sparkle. Although cowboy boots are a trend for quite some time now, we expect them to continue being a Coachella staple. 

Beauty is all about glam. Take a look at these images Euphoria-core looks. Festival season 2022 will see glittery nail polishes and rhinestone accent nails dominate. 

Look below to see styles that will make this festival season feel special.