Jodie requested that Villanelle return to her roots as an assassin. Laura explained that Villanelle killings have always been part of what makes watching TV so enjoyable. It’s always been a pleasure to come up with the murders. It’s something I love to do. That’s why I was happy to help and glad to have been able to assist.

This request also fed into Laura’s desire to remind viewers “how fearsome Villanelle can be,” a characteristic that faded into the background in previous seasons as Villanelle sought to explore both her own past and her soft spot for Eve.

Sandra even joined in on the fun, with episode one of season four revealing that Eve is actually quite the murderess. “It was really fun to take Eve in a new direction and to write this character who is emboldened I suppose,” Laura shared, adding that even the writers felt emboldened “to be like, actually now, some elements of the show that you really associate with Villanelle are being demonstrated on Eve and vice versa.”