Be on the lookout Kris JennerCelebHomes is attracting a whole new generation of momagers and dadagers.

CelebHomes has a new reality series Raising a F***ing Star—which premieres Sept. 7—follows the lives of rising young stars from around the country…and the parents helping them make it in Hollywood.

Bravoholics who have been watching the show for years will recognize the title. It’s actually a new version of Bravo’s original series. Showbiz Moms & DadsThe show aired one season in 2004, and was called ‘The Script’. The Emmy Award-winning producers were behind this episode. RuPaul’s Drag Race Million Dollar ListingThey are the ones in charge.

The talented children of this show include sisters and performer Chacha Kennie ShenRapper Flau’Jae Johnson, actress-singer-dancer DaelyannaAspire Supermodel Breanna Bunevacz. But supporting them behind the scenes are parents Sam Phil Shen, Kia Brooks, Cool Benson Kelly Dedman Jessica Bunevacz, respectively.

Like any good reality show, fans can expect plenty of drama—from sibling rivalries to parents learning to share the spotlight with their kids.