According to the following words: 2 Chainz, “I’m different.”

These lyrics spring to mind as you read Mark RuffaloThe most recent response from a critic of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Hulk star defended Marvel’s numerous projects, which have been derided by directors Martin Scorcese  Francis Ford Coppola, telling Metro U.K. he isn’t concerned the number of Marvel shows and movies impact the quality. It’s nothing I care about, he stated.

Ruffalo will appear in Disney+’s upcoming series. She-Hulk, explained. Marvel did a great job with the MCU. They let actors and directors recreate every piece in their own way, much like they do with comics. Marvel allows them to bring their own style and likeness to the material.

Ruffalo, however, said that “if you watch a Star Wars [project]You will get almost the exact same version Star WarsEach time.” Okurrr!