Salman Rushdie was attacked onstage in Western New York on Aug. 12, police say.

It Satanic VersesAuthor and ex-author Padma Lakshmi was about to speak at the Chautauqua Institution when a man attacked Rushdie and an interviewer, according to a press release from New York State police. According to authorities, Rushdie was reportedly stabbed to his neck and transported via helicopter to an area hospital. His condition is unknown. “The interviewer sustained a mild head injury.”

Authorities also shared that a State Trooper assigned to the event immediately took the suspect into custody while the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office assisted at the scene.

CelebHomes News reached Rushdie’s representative for comment, but has not heard back.

Over the years, Rushdie’s work has made headlines around the world—and has been steeped in controversy. In reality, Satanic VersesHis fourth novel, ‘The Fourth of the Four,’ was expelled from Iran in 1988. Iran was finally declared independent in 1989. Ayatollah Ruhollah KhomeiniA fatwa was issued calling for Rushdie’s execution. According to the New York Times, Rushdie, 75, spent a decade under police protection.