DrakeWants everyone to understand how much he truly loves his mom.

Rapper “God’s Plan”, just paid tribute his mom Sandra “Sandi” Graham,With some fresh ink, he posted a new tattoo featuring her initials, SG. In the August 11th post, he captioned it with “Sandra Gale”, and also included a picture of the tattoo under his left eye.

Los Angeles tattoo artist NAL, the creator of Drizzy’s new tat, also shared the image on his Instagram Story as well as a video of himself inking the rapper.

Drake isn’t the only one to show his love for his mother of 62. He has a tattoo dedicated to his mother, which he calls “the greatest person in my life”. It features her portrait on his back. He’s also paid tribute in his music with songs such as “Sandra’s Rose” and “You & The 6.” The rapper even had a recording studio called the Sandra Gale Studios in his former home in Calabasas, Calif.

Drake uploaded the picture of his tribute face tattoo to her after sharing his tribute tattoo to his dad. 2017. Dennis GrahamSandi’s ex husband, had a sketch drawn of his son on his arm.