Getting red carpet ready is a marathon—not a sprint.

Professional model Lori HarveyShe is used to taking photos for all kinds of photographers. But during the 2022 Met Gala, the 25-year-old had a major fashion moment when she arrived wearing a sleek black dress that showcased her abs.

Lori now shares her diet and fitness routine. It turns out that it starts with a Pilates lesson.

Forma Pilates is where I go most often. That has been the hardest Pilates that I think I’ve ever taken in my life,” Lori exclusively shared with CelebHomes News before celebrating the grand opening of WAKUDA at the Venetian Resort Las Vegas on June 25. It was then that I felt the greatest change in my body. Although I am getting better at the move, I need to be taught by a professional.

Lori, who shared her preferred fitness regimen on TikTok with followers, was a hit and many people decided to take up the Mind-Body exercise. Lori says that her followers have also had positive experiences.