The Umbrella Academy‘s season three post-credits scene is a mystery—even to its stars.

CelebHomes News interviewed me in an exclusive interview Justin H. Min, who plays Ben Hargreeves in the Netflix drama, revealed that he was given no details regarding the 20 second scene, which features Ben reading a book while riding a subway in Korea.

Justin stated, “I shot it without any information.” “I know Ben is riding the subway in Korea. However, that is all I have.

The showrunner seems to be it. Steve Blackman had no intention of spoiling what it all meant, either. According to Emmy Raver-LampmanIt was also known as the “mystery Ben” scene.

CelebHomes was told by Allison Hargreeves that “none of us knew it was.” “And still don’t!”

Thought The Umbrella AcademyWhile the series hasn’t been officially renewed for the fourth season yet, the final episode set the tone for the next episodes. Episode 10 concluded with Allison stopping the Umbrellas and Sparrows’ villainous father, Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore(from killing them all). She even managed to reset the universe previously destroyed by the Kugelblitz.