The Oscars may be over, and The Wolf of Wall Street etched its success in movie history (being #73 in IMDB’s top 250 movies of all-time). But, that doesn’t necessarily mean for our Leo to stop working. Despite not winning an oscar this year, and surprising/upsetting many people, the great Leonardo DiCaprio continues to be involved in the cinema biz. He’s currently set to help produce two films, one being a thriller titled “Home” and the other being a biography about the individual who brought us Calvin & Hobbes. There’s a good chance that DiCaprio will star in films again in the future. First, lets leave him to his new home.

Leo continues to live life through recently purchasing a classy modern 7,022 sq ft estate in the city of Palm Springs for a generous amount of $5.2 million. It has everything that would make him feel like “The Wolf of Wall Street” again: 70’s style interior, masterful fireplaces, bar, and entertainment room. There’s also a breakfast nook if DiCaprio’s guests are interested. It does offer gorgeous views of the backyard though. An outdoor lounge area and pool will also be in sight. Other amenities include pool, pool house, hot tub, and personal full tennis court. Floor plan is 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms.

Address: 432 Hermosa Pl, Palm Springs CA 92262