Watch “Saturday Night Live?” Excellent. How about “Portlandia?” Groovy. Aware of the revitalized version of Speedy Gonzales in “The Looney Tunes Show?” Great! Then you might know of Fred Armisen, who voiced Speedy Gonzales amongst other characters, and portrayed various celebrities in SNL. As for “Portlandia,” it seems like that paused for now. That’s fine though, because he’s involved in a TV movie that’s being written by Jim Gaffigan from “My Boys.” You know what else is fine? His new home in the Silver Lake area in Cali.

It’s nothing but nice on the inside and easy on the eyes on the outside. The 3 bed and 2 bath floor plan boasts easy living, with 1,446 sq ft of space to work with. The living room is quaint. If Fred’s ever bored, which he won’t be for awhile, there’s a nice big window for him to peer through and glance at the beautiful neighborhood. The kitchen, dining area, and living room are adjacent to one another openly. One of the bedrooms opens up to a lovely outside trail that’s accompanied by lush grass and foliage. Armisen reportedly paid $763,000 for this humble pad.

Address: Unknown