George Carlin may be gone. But, there’s always another uncle Georgie. This one’s still going strong. He has been ever since his show on Nickelodeon. And, this guy’s so cool that he’d be more than likely to have a drink with you………or two……..Actually, more like a few. However, George Lopez sometimes pushes the boundaries. So be cautious! George is still doing fine though. He’s currently set to voice, and appear, in a few movies this year. Ontop of that, Lopez is executive producer of hs new baby, “Saint George,” which he’ll also be in of course. Before his drinking session mishap, George managed to buy a nice 4,100 sq ft home in LA.

The 4 bed and 3.5 bath $2.675 million spread makes for a warm and cozy retreat, and a great rehab center if George boils down to that. Second floor balconies and patio offer views of what the backyard has to offer (nice-sized pool and the plant and tree life that lies beyond the fencing). Kitchen contains two island tables, double-stacked oven, restaurant-style cooking vent, range, and microwave. A few other amenities to name are fireplaces, laundry room, and lets not forget the wine cellar! Uncle George will surely enjoy living here.

Address: Unknown