You’ve seen him in many competitions. You’ve seen him make a couple of cameo appearances in film. You’ve seen him in some commercials. And, if you tend to lurk around at night, then you may’ve spotted this highly acclaimed cyclist “scoring some.” Lance Armstrong, is now officially out of retirement. Due to various allegations and evidence against our beloved Lance concerning drug use, all of his sponsors dropped him like a sack of taters. This is all good and well.

“What else has Lance been doing,” one may ask. Like a good portion of celebrities, he’s been dabbling in real estate, perhaps a little too much. But, when you’re wearing shoes that are similar to Lance Armstrong’s, real estate just may potentially be all that you have in your arsenal of economic success. And you know what, Lance has been doing considerably well thus far in the real estate biz However, he got off to a “rocky” start. That’s normal, though, for whenever starting out in anything. This past May, Armstrong purchased the 7,646 sq ft Texan home of Ben Barnes, ex-Lieutenant Governor of Texas who’s also owner of The Ben Barnes Group. The former world renown cyclist must’ve scored one heck of a deal on his Lake Austin residency, which he bought for $4.34 million.

It’s reported that the buyer of the whopping 12,550 sq ft Lake Austin home was interestingly professional American race car driver, Bret Curtis. Lets see what Lance was, as today’s dull urban youth would say, “twerking” with. One could just simply stare at the unique plot of architecture and instantly conclude that it looks like a mountainous frequently-used movie prop home. Come to think of it, it appears as though Picasso was responsible for the design of the premises. Some components of the artsy and awe-inspiring structures are of different material and textures. Although the floor plan seems as though it’s a little more expansive, it weighs in at 5 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms.

Each structure is disconnected from one another. What binds them together is a shallow pool, which coincidentally pours into Lake Austin. Fascinating! Bret can amusingly attempt to perform a circus act with his car and drive across a long narrow suspended bridge. On the other side of the bridge is a wall of lush green trees. One of main features of one of the four structures is its patio seating area. It overlooks a reflective body of water and a comforting landscape consisting of a variety of tree life. One of the buildings also has a library equipped with a convenient fireplace. Lance Armstrong may not be racing competitively anymore, but he hasn’t been wasting any time to be successful in real estate. In fact, he managed to sell the aforementioned casa 6 weeks after buying it this past year!