Do you believe in life after a new home? Cher certainly does! The notoriously successful pop star managed to sell her home in Venice for $1.95 million. Sounds somewhat like chump-change for this film and tour veteran. Cher has an album hitting the market in September 2013. In the meantime, she has just purchased a home located in the celebrity-saturated city of Beverly Hills for $2.145 million.

It’s reported that the Goddess of Pop purchased the home via a trust fund, which a good portion of celebrities are no strangers to. Cher’s new two-story celebrity pad is a considerable upgrade from her previously-owned 3 bedroom residence. The home weighs in at 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 3,089 sq ft. of nice and vast foliage. There’s even an awe-inspiring waterfall area, accompanied by a walkway at the top of it. The aforementioned area of the premises is a It’s-a-Small World ride for adults. In fact, whether you’re an adult or not, you may be influenced to position yourself atop the waterfall and either hold a lion cub while the Lion King theme plays or shout aloud “I’m king of the wooooorld!”

The flooring of the house is of rich wooden texture. Believe in life after love by warming your heart with the two fireplaces provided. The living rooms offer a great amount of space for navigating through them. As for the kitchen, it has considerable space for people to work with. One of living rooms leads you to a convenient small seating area. Against the fencing border is an attached lengthy couch for additional seating. You may also find alittle more plant and tree life. Evidently so, the master bedroom gets treated to a balcony view of the whole area.

If Cher ever decides to have a fiesta, then she’ll be less concerned about where the cars are going to be parked. The driveway is very lengthy. To get to Cher’s driveway though, you must go through a private gate. The material of the driveway is of some kind of cobblestone. Like almost every home, the new Cher headquarters is equipped with a vast backyard that can accommodate a large gathering or dozens of little chittlensThe entire area is conveniently secluded. When night falls, and the lights in the house are on, you may mistake Cher’s home for a beautiful and lush prop Peter Jackson used for the memorable Shire scenes.

Cher moved into her new pad on July 9th, 2013, and is most likely lovin’ it like them McDonald’s smoothies. Knowing that most celebrities house-hop, there’s no telling how long Cher will reside in this dot of Beverly Hills. And, did you know that Ed O’Neill, the husband in the show “Married with Children,” previously owned and inhabited this very home? I never would’ve guessed either. He managed to score $1.7 million for the now-Cher-home in 2007. He also starred along with Rick Moranis in Little Giants…………..alright, alright.

Home Address: 9477 Gloaming Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210