Key Takeaways:

  • Simple landscaping is easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly.
  • Simple landscaping can be just as beautiful as complex landscaping.
  • Planning is key to a successful simple landscape.


Have you ever stared out your window at your yard, a nagging feeling blooming in your chest that it just feels…blah? You’re not alone. The landscaping industry is booming, projected to hit a whopping $431.1 billion by 2027! Many homeowners, perhaps even your neighbors, are waking up to the importance of curb appeal. (1)  

Magazine pages overflow with lush, meticulously designed landscapes that seem to dominate neighborhood streets. It’s a silent pressure, whispering that your outdoor space somehow falls short. Hold on to your shovels! Before unleashing your inner landscape architect, hear me out first. Sometimes, a simpler approach can be just as breathtaking and way more manageable in the long run.  

Let’s explore why embracing a simpler approach to landscape design might be the perfect solution for your outdoor oasis.  


The allure of less: why simple landscaping wins  

Consider keeping things simple when doing yard makeover for these specific reasons:  


Less maintenance 

While intricate landscaping with overflowing flower beds and meticulously sculpted hedges might hold a certain charm, the reality is that it can quickly become a high-maintenance burden. Imagine spending your precious weekends meticulously trimming, weeding, and battling pests – not exactly the recipe for relaxation most homeowners crave.  

Love the idea of a gorgeous outdoor living space but hate yard work? Embrace simplicity! This is where a complete landscaping makeover professional can become your hero. With their help, you can achieve an outdoor upgrade that reflects your style, surrounded by easy-care plants that practically take care of themselves! A low-maintenance design frees up precious time and resources.  


Environmental benefits  

Simpler designs tend to be more water-efficient, a significant benefit in drought-prone areas. Did you know that nearly two-thirds of the global population struggles with severe water limitations for at least one month out of the year? That makes water-efficient landscaping an important consideration for any homeowner. Here’s where the magic of native plants comes in. Adapted to your local climate, they require less frequent watering and generally thrive with minimal fertilizer and pesticides, further reducing your environmental footprint. (2)  


Aesthetics of simplicity  

But the benefits extend beyond practicality. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces characterize a simple backyard remodel. That’s why it boasts a timeless elegance.  

Think of a Japanese Zen garden – the beauty lies in the harmonious balance of elements, not an explosion of color and texture. It doesn’t rely on a water feature or a fire pit as a focal point. It instead incorporates a stone pathway, sand or pea gravel, and a privacy fence, among other natural elements.  

A minimalist approach lets the natural beauty of your home and surroundings shine. It fosters a tranquil haven that complements, not competes with, the existing landscape.  


Simple doesn’t mean boring  

Some might mistakenly believe that simplicity translates to a yawn-inducing landscape. But fear not, design enthusiasts! A minimalist approach can be just as visually captivating, all while remaining low-maintenance. The key lies in strategic pops of color and texture.  


  • Strategically placing flowers or shrubs  

Imagine a bed of low-maintenance ornamental grasses swaying gently in the breeze, their soft green blades punctuated by bursts of vibrant blooms from strategically placed perennials or flowering shrubs. It creates a dynamic interplay of form and color without the overwhelming maintenance of a sprawling flower garden.  


  • Adding texture  

Texture also plays a starring role in simple landscapes. Consider incorporating pathways of crushed gravel or pebbles that contrast beautifully with organic elements like wood chips or bark mulch. Whimsical touches of decorative rocks in various sizes can create natural borders around planting beds.  


  • Achieving a nighttime ambiance  

Don’t forget the power of light! Well-placed outdoor lighting fixtures can transform your simple landscape into a nighttime wonderland. String lights draped over a concrete patio or strategically placed spotlights highlighting key features like a garden path add depth and ambiance, extending your enjoyment of your outdoor space well after sunset.

Speaking of transforming landscapes, the outdoor lighting market is booming, expected to reach a value of USD$23.8 billion by 2030! So, illuminate your creativity and create a magical outdoor oasis you’ll love. (3)  


From dream to reality: charting your course in simple landscaping  

Convinced by the beauty and ease of a simple backyard makeover? Now comes the fun part: planning! Imagine kicking back in your dream low-maintenance haven! A well-designed plan is your first step to making it a reality.  

The key planning steps include:  

  • Assessment 

First things first: assess your existing landscape. Understand factors like sun exposure and drainage patterns. Check out any potential challenges like slopes or uneven terrain, too. These things will inform your plant choices and layout.  

  • Desired functionality identification 

What will your outdoor space become? A tranquil reading nook, a vibrant, entertaining haven, or a playful paradise for your furry friends? 

  • Choose low-maintenance, native plants  

Here’s where the “less is more” philosophy truly shines. Opt for low-maintenance, native plants that thrive in your climate. These low-maintenance plants are less thirsty, needing infrequent watering. Plus, they’re naturally tougher against pests and diseases, saving you time and resources for years to come.  

  • Proper plant placement and spacing  

Planning goes beyond plant selection. Imagine your dream backyard! To make it a reality (and keep it thriving with minimal effort), where you put your plants matters. Sketching a layout on paper or using some cool online design tools can help you see your dream come to life. Here’s the secret: grouping plants that like the same things keeps maintenance a breeze, while mixing heights and textures creates a visually stunning space.  

A little planning goes a long way in creating a cohesive and beautiful simple landscape.  


In closing: cultivating tranquility through simplicity  

Our outdoor spaces should be havens of relaxation and rejuvenation, not additional sources of stress. Simple landscaping offers a winning combination of beauty, functionality, and ease of maintenance.  

Feeling inspired? Numerous online resources and local landscaping professionals can provide valuable guidance and inspiration for crafting your dream backyard. Forget the stress of those flawless lawns in magazines! Sometimes, less is truly more when it comes to creating a gorgeous outdoor space. 



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