The hit reality TV show, “American Idol,” spews out victorious singers/musicians annually. There’s one in particular that should be noted, especially since she got married two months ago to her manager’s son and continues to go strong in the music biz. Ever since Kelly Clarkson worked her way through the jowls of Simon Cowell, she became increasingly successful. Clarkson recently stated plans regarding a Christmas album. She’s also been collaborating with fellow noted artists. Robbie Williams and Martina McBride are two of such. To add to her resume, our lovely Kelly is a philanthropist, political activist, and goes hard when it comes to buying homes.

She bought a massive 17,321 sq ft estate in Hendersonville, TN that sits nicely by a large lake (and on 4 acres of land). As anyone may guess closely, or accurately, the house has 7 bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. The home emulates a fusion of colonial and english style living. Layout consists of a formal dining room, breakfast area within a chef’s kitchen, wine room, game room, classy meeting room, fitness room, large patio area, and a dock. And lets not leave out the fireplaces and theater room.

Address: Unknown