It’s been awhile since we’ve spotted the sparkly vampire, Robert Pattinson, especially after supposedly breaking up with fellow Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart n’ all that confusion. Much time has also passed since Edward bought a lovely 1922 spanish estate and held onto it all the while, even during his up-and-down relationship with Kristen. Which is why he’s finally giving it up, for $6.75 million. We could talk about Rob and Kristen all day and go into the next day still discussing their awkward relationship, so lets get down to brass real estate tax. In case you weren’t aware, the two-story mini-mansion on Aberdeen Ave is a 3 bed and 4 bath, and it’s still twinkling.

The 1.45 acre property is encased by mossy mountainous terrain. Alliteration aside, it helps make the property more private and secluded. The entrance to the asset already has a large single-door gate. The home is white in and out. One great thing about this place is it opens immediately to the outdoors in numerous ways. The glittery vampire headquarters accommodates many things: formal dining, breakfast area, large patio area, and more. And the pool is a must-see. It takes the form of a geyser. Pretty cool, huh? Other amenities include furnished kitchen, office room, and theater room. House measures 4,026 sq ft.

Address: Aberdeen Ave, Los Angeles CA 90027