Rosie O’Donnell………….that’s pretty much it. The name precedes the woman who has been in comedy and on your TV for years, let alone her rough n’ tough New York accent. Knowing her partnership with fellow TV mogul, Oprah Winfrey, how can we forget “The Rosie O’Donnell Show.” Aside from that, she’s an author and tried her hand at Broadway. Seems like not much has been going on between her and TV. Rosie can be seen in an upcoming documentary titled The Business of Charity. It’s currently in filming status and is set for a 2014 release. Also, Rosie is set to perform in the Sarasota area where she just bought a 4,647 sq ft home.

The house’s floor plan consists of 4 bedrooms and a sufficient amount of bathrooms to cater to herself, wife Michelle, and their 5 kids. O’Donnell came out of the closet about 10 years ago. when she was set to marry Kerri. The size of the two-story estate is surely something that isn’t to be underestimated. Just by looking at it from the front, the 1998 renovated home can be mistaken for a B&B. Front entrance greets Rosie, Michelle, kids, and guests with adequate palm trees on opposite sides of the walkway. The home rests on 0.78 acres. Acreage includes a pool and spa.

The home itself has three dining areas, one of which can be found on the lowest level. The dining area that’s outside is accompanied by an outdoor kitchen. Of course, Rosie and Michelle can choose to kick it back old school and just have a simple family BBQ with a grill. The second floor has a long and narrow patio that overlooks the backyard wonderfully and the gulf. In short, Rosie’s new comedic headquarters is nothing but simple, yet large and is perfect for a retreat or permanent easy living.

Address: Unknown