What if the lifestyles of the rich and famous are even more glamorous than you thought?

Your favorite actors and musicians are already dazzling in their public appearances. But it turns out their private lives are even more dazzling thanks to their jaw-dropping celebrity homes!

Wondering which celebrities have the most outrageous homes? Keep reading to discover the answer!


When you’re as rich and famous as Oprah Winfrey, you don’t “settle” for anything. That’s why her gigantic home in Montecito, California has awesome views of both the ocean and the surrounding mountains!

And while no home can be quite as big as Oprah’s popularity, this place comes pretty close. It has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and an amazing swimming pool.

However, Oprah also paid to buy the gigantic equestrian farm next door. But when you love horses that much, why not just go for it?

Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre has many songs about living lavishly. And it turns out that he has one of the most beautiful celebrity homes to help him live large!

The Brentwood home has five bedrooms, but it’s all the extra features that make us swoon. This place has things like a library, a gym, and even a waterfall!

You can chill out near a koi pond moat or simply relax in the infinity pool. It all sounds amazing; do you think Dre will let us crash over there?

Kim and Kanye West

It makes a lot of sense that Kanye and Kim West would live in Bel-Air. And, of course, they live there in opulence and style!

Their home is actually a cool combination of “old world” and “high tech.” For instance, everything looks like a rich French home from a century ago…until you see the convenient indoor elevator.

With five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, they also have the perfect home for entertaining guests. And those guests will have an amazing view when they look out the window.

Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld built a career on being a very laid-back guy. Therefore, you might expect a home that is equally laid-back.

However, he is one of our most outrageous celebrities for a reason. Did you know his Hamptons home actually has its own baseball field?

There is also a relaxing pool to enjoy those sunny days and a posh, modern interior for when you want to stay inside the home.

This place also has a bit of celebrity history to it. Before Jerry Seinfeld owned it, this place actually belonged to musical superstar Billy Joel!

Ryan Seacrest

It seems like Ryan Seacrest is everywhere. Hosting American Idol, hosting various E! programs…the man stays busy, and this has made him quite wealthy!

He invested a portion of that wealth into his Beverly Hills home. And this large home lets him enjoy a more private and intimate life than his public persona might indicate!

Guests can chill in one of the three guest houses or just crash in one of the nine bedrooms. And there are modern and tasteful amenities such as koi ponds and a relaxing pool.

Overall, this large and gated home gives a megastar like Seacrest time to relax and just be himself.

Taylor Swift

Like many of the stars on this list, Taylor Swift owns multiple amazing homes. However, there is something extra special about her place in Rhode Island.

First, it takes full advantage of the waterfront location. Guests staying here can scope out the surrounding water and even a lighthouse while they rest and relax.

And make no mistake: this place was made for relaxation! From the pool to the fireplaces to the eight bedrooms, Swift has a home that is perfect to entertain old friends and to make new friends, all at once.

Will Smith

Even by the standards of the homes on this list, Will Smith’s mansion in Calabasas is something else. It is a whopping 25,000 square feet, and he shares the home with fellow superstar Jada Pinket Smith and their children.

Heck, this place could accommodate the guests of an entire hotel. It occupies 150 acres and has multiple pools, multiple gyms, and other amenities.

These include a recording studio as well as separate basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. So whether you want to serve a ball or serve up a new hit single, this house really has you covered!

Sean Combs

Sean Combs (better known as Diddy) is the richest hip-hop mogul in the entire world. And as you might expect, he has the kind of home fitting the most outrageous celebrities!

This Beverly Hills home is certainly large, sporting 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and taking up over 17,000 square feet. But what really sets it apart from other homes are the very modern amenities.

In addition to the perks you’d expect (including fitness rooms, a pool, and a wine cellar), there are details like a steam room and a beauty salon. Our favorite touch, though, is the movie theater inside the home, allowing Diddy to have the hottest movie screenings without ever leaving the house!

John Travolta

Our favorite houses of celebrities are ones where their passions are on true display. And this is especially true of John Travolta and his Ocala, Florida home!

The house itself is very impressive. He lives in a custom mansion that has a giant garage, perfectly suited to “boys and their toys!”

Of course, the most impressive toys don’t fit in the garage. Travolta is a certified pilot, and his home includes special runways where he can park his multiple private jets directly at his house!

And while we can’t guarantee things like jet runways, keep in mind that you don’t need to be a celebrity to start finding a home in central Florida!

Celebrity Homes: The Bottom Line

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