Living like a celebrity means throwing parties that celebs would be happy to attend….if they were invited. Nothing dazzles quite like the red carpet at events so throwing this type of event is going to take a little more planning than a generic party on a holiday or for a birthday. Allowing friends and coworkers to enjoy feeling like they are famous for a night is something everyone will enjoy. Make your red carpet party a can’t miss going forward with the following tips.

An Actual Red Carpet

You are going to need a red carpet for people to pull up to in order to make a proper entrance. These can be rented quite easily so you will not have to purchase it long term and worry about storage. Keeping the lighting in this area bright is important as nobody wants to take a tumble stumbling onto the red carpet.

Get A Photographer For A Few Hours

Hiring a photographer to work for a few hours taking the pictures of attendees on the red carpet is a great touch. There are plenty of people who take pictures at events that would be happy to help out with this as a reasonable rate. Nothing replaces the flash coming from a traditional camera that is synonymous with the red carpet. Your guests will love having these photos taken and it can be a good way to remember the party in the future.

Indoor And Outdoor

There should be a place to interact both inside and outside of the home. If you have a pool this can be a great natural congregation area but most people won’t get in the pool as they got themselves dressed up for the party. The best thing about people having a place to congregate outside is that the smokers will know where to go rather than ducking into a bedroom. You want your guests to have as good of a time as possible so a band or DJ can be a nice touch. The food needs to be up to par as red carpet events usually do not include pizza and hot wings although these are staples at many parties.  

Keep Attendees Under Control

Letting the bartenders that are working your party to cut off people who are getting too drunk is important. The last thing anyone wants is someone to drive after drinking then new to find a lawyer after being arrested. Rather than find a lawyer to defend you against a criminal charge when someone leaves your party and is involved in a crash potentially killing someone. Encourage those that are attending to use some kind of car service or Uber there if they plan on drinking. Depending on the size of your guest list it could be wise to have just a few people helping with security to keep everything going smoothly.  

As you can see throwing a red carpet type party is going to be costly and require quite a bit of planning. If done right this will be the party that everyone is still talking about.