Having a home large enough to throw a huge party is both a
blessing and a curse. Being able to have a great time at home with your friends
is nice but planning a large gathering can also be stressful. You want to make
sure that everyone that comes to the party has a great time which can impede
you enjoying yourself. Planning the party with the following things in mind can
allow you to throw the best party possible that you can actually enjoy as well!

Parking Arrangements

One thing that you do not want to do is have guest’s cars
towed or to upset neighbors due to parking being a nightmare. Give explicit
directions on where to park or request attendees to take an Uber to the party.
For those hosts that have more land and live in a more rural area parking will
be less of a hassle. Getting a charter bus to pick up and drop off attendees at
specific locations can also be something nice that could make the party unique.

Food Being Served

The food being served can make a huge difference at a party as great food helps
get a party going. Make sure that you know the allergies of people coming and
put out cards that tell everyone what each dish has in it. Vegetarian options
should be included but beware that you will not be able to make everyone happy.
If someone wants a very specific diet included at the party then they can bring
the food for that themselves.

Keeping Attendees Safe

Nobody wants a person that was at their house who was
drinking to be involved in a car accident on the way home. In fact, this could
leave you liable as you were the one providing the alcohol. The other person involved
in the accident might also be able to take issue with you in court. Car
accidents have statutes
of limitations
so if this has happened to someone you know, once this
period passes they are safe from legal action. If throwing a party near your
pool hiring a lifeguard if there is enough people and children attending could
not be more important Putting up no slip signs in wet areas is also wise so
nobody slips and hits their head.  

Minimizing Cleanup

The one thing that is worse than setting up a party is
having to deal with cleanup after. If you have it in the budget getting a
cleaning crew will help reduce the headache. If people are congregating outside
and this is where there is seating to eat then using disposable plates and
silverware is important. This does not mean that you have to be wasteful as
there are plenty of recyclable options now to help reduce our carbon footprint.

Throwing a great party can help you both professionally and
personally. Having a party that everyone looks forward to on an annual basis
reflects positively on you as you know how to throw a great party!